Frequently Asked Questions

‘A MeCard is simply a picture (QR code) that you can use to tell the world about YOU!’

It’s a way to share specific information about you with others. Your MeCard is like a contact card, or business card that you can share and change anytime. You can use one MeCard for your family and friends, and a different MeCard for your business contacts.You can share your information with anyone you wish.  For example use MeCard to provide information to your children’s teachers, people you workout with, other students in your class, or perhaps other people in your carpool. MeCard can be used to provide your phone number, email address, website, or over 50 other bits of information with anyone you desire.  Best of all, you get to choose the information they see on each MeCard and can change it any time.

When someone snaps a photo of your MeCard, your information gets added to their phones’ contacts. Should you need to update your address, email, phone number, profile photo, or any other information, they get the updated information immediately and automatically.

Unfortunately, some contact managers may not support all the information you provide in a MeCard. We wanted to use the existing contact manager that came with your phone to maximize MeCard’s ability to receive and provide as much information as possible

Only those individuals you choose to share your MeCard information with.

Your contacts are in your phone’s existing contact manager.  If your contact manager supports exporting you’re all set.  For example, if you use Google Contacts, your contacts will appear everywhere you use Google Contacts.

Updates from your contacts go to your phone’s contact manager automatically.

You can delete contacts from your phone’s contact manager exactly the same as you would any other contact. Usually, you only select the contact from your list and press delete. MeCard will not continue to update any contacts you delete.

You can add additional details to the contacts in your contact manager.  The best way to add details is by using custom labels. If the contact updates their MeCard, the changes will be overwritten if the details are tracked by MeCard.

Yes, A MeCard is 100% accurate,100% of the time (all updates usually happen within 24 hours).

As often as you like. BUT, to prevent abuse, profile photos or company logos can only be updated once a day.

No… you should only use the reader included in the MeCard app. (FYI, the MeCard QR reader will also read ANY QR code and even send you the information or to the website in the scanned QR code).

There are over 50 fields of information included in MeCard, like your name, address, email, and phone number. You decide what is shared in each of your MeCards.  YOU also get to choose the picture that YOU want to be attached to your MeCard and will be displayed on other people’s phones.

No. Simply enter your first name and press ‘Create My MeCard.’  You are then ready to have anyone photograph your MeCard. Your other information can be added and updated at a later time, along with a photo if you desire. MeCard then updates everyone that photographed your MeCard and has the MeCard application installed.

No. Everyone can share or photograph a MeCard. Show your MeCard or photograph anyone else’s until everyone’s fingers are numb. Later, after you install the MeCard app, all the contacts will be added by your phone’s QR code reader into tracked MeCards.

Do you have any questions that were not answered? If you have additional questions or especially suggestions, please let us know. Click contact support on the settings tab.