MeCard is the modern solution for business and personal connections.

Now you can send and receive contact information between mobiles device in seconds via innovative and easy-to-use MeCards.

Just snap a photo of your friend’s phone and you’re connected. Change your job, phone number, email or want to share a profile picture? Just correct the information on your phone and the new information is updated automatically to all your connections. MeCard is always 100% accurate.

MeCard helps ensure your most important connections stay accurate and valuable.



Creating and maintaining vital connections is faster and easier than ever with MeCard.

Simply snap a photo of someone else’s phone and the app creates a new entry in your phone’s contact manager.

MeCard then automatically fills in all of the information, including a professional or personal photo.

When a user updates any information, all of that user’s contact information is updated seamlessly for each person that has snapped a photo of that MeCard. That means all contacts everyone from job hoppers to office lifers are always up-to-date and accurate.


Multiple MeCards

Each user can make separate MeCards for business, personal or other uses (hobbies, team sports, school contacts, dating, etc.

Automatic Updates

If a user updates any of their information, anyone that photographed your MeCard automatically gets the updated information.

Change a job — MeCard updates the information!

Buy a new house — MeCard updates the information!

Start a new hobby — MeCard updates the information!


Solving the Photo Problem

Adding a photo to a phone contact is cumbersome and time-consuming. First, your contact has to text or email a photo. Next, you must download the image and manually add it to the contact. It’s a slow process for one contact. Doing it for dozens of business contacts can be nearly impossible. Plus, the contact has no control over his or her photo.

MeCard solves these problems. Photos are transferred via MeCards instantly along with all other contact information. No emailing or texting and no downloading. Just one simple scan. Plus, the app lets the contact control what photo of themselves is on their profiles. (Individuals can update the picture once every 24-hour period).

More Than a Business Tool

connexWhile MeCard is a powerful tool to keep the process of connections simple and accurate, it can be used for much, much more.

MeCard is great for …

Business People – Quickly share all the information normally found on your business card, plus additional information not usually available.

Presentations – Display your MeCard at the start or end of presentations.

Business Meetings – Create a special MeCard for specific group meetings.

Conventions Quickly exchange contact information with potential customers, clients and suppliers.

Families – Provide spouse’s name, kids names, birthdays and important information to family members. Share your contact information with teachers, students, or other parents

College Students – Share a MeCard with classmates, teachers and study groups.

Teens – Share your MeCard with friends and classmates.

Disposable MeCard – Create a MeCard that allows you to provide as much or as little contact information to potential dates, salespeople and former friends

College Students – Share a MeCard with classmates, teachers and study groups.

Teens – Share your MeCard with friends and classmates. Different MeCards let you share different profiles with different people.

Business Identity – Businesses can display a QR code allowing customers to get the best contact information.

Business Enterprise Use – Gather and manage all contacts acquired by your employees or outside workforce. (Future Feature)

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